AI Training

AI Training


Join our engaging AI Training (3 days / 4 hours a day) and explore the captivating world of artificial intelligence! Acquire invaluable knowledge and insights to help you stand out in today's tech-driven landscape.

Ready to expand your AI knowledge? Our dynamic training offers valuable knowledge and guidance, equipping you with the information needed to thrive in this daily-evolving field.

This is your chance to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of AI! Join our engaging training and gain a comprehensive understanding of generative AI or GenAI, perfect for both newcomers and experienced professionals.

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  • Version for tech professionals
  • Version for business leaders and decision-makers
  • Comprehensive introduction to GenAI


  • Clear understanding of GenAI’s potential in business strategy
  • Enhanced ability to make informed decisions about AI investments
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills using advanced AI techniques
  • Practical knowledge of AI project management


  • Familiarize with GenAI concepts and terminology
  • Analyze real-world applications of GenAI
  • Enhance communication skills in discussing GenAI
  • Understand ethical considerations implementing GenAI at work
  • Encourage curiosity and a deeper understanding of GenAI

Day 1

On Day 1 of our GenAI Training, you'll be introduced to AI concepts and their implications for businesses.

You'll also have the opportunity to engage in discussions about these topics with fellow participants.

This foundation will set the stage for further exploration into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2 of our GenAI Training focuses on applying AI concepts and understanding their business benefits.

You'll explore implementation challenges and discuss the future direction of artificial intelligence, equipping you with a comprehensive understanding of its potential impact on your industry.

Day 2

Day 3

On Day 3 of our GenAI Training, we'll dive into the social impact and ethical considerations of artificial intelligence.

You'll explore human-AI collaboration and discuss your responsibilities as an AI practitioner.

We'II also provide guidance on next steps for integrating AI into your business strategy, concluding with closing remarks from our instructors.

Day 3

Come join us and let's explore the wonders of GenAI together!

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