Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance


Cloud Governance has a crucial role when it comes to establishing a good and safe cloud operating model.

Governance aims to implement overarching guardrails for cloud environments in regards of e.g. costs, identity and security.

With our expertise across all major cloud providers, we help you to define an optimal framework for your organization.

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  • Cyber Security teams
  • Controlling department
  • Finance department
  • Central platform teams
  • Cloud architects
  • Infrastructure teams


  • Ensure a safe and compliant use of the cloud
  • Guide the way the cloud is used
  • Cut risks in process/tool changes
  • Speeding up deployments and encouraging innovation


  • Define identity and security guidelines
  • Setup cost control and reporting
  • Implement auditing and logging processes
  • Creation and use of architecture decision records

Security baseline

Define minimum security requirements that you want to enforce on your cloud environments.

Implement policies as architecture decision records (ADR) so that they are documented and approved.

Setup tooling and processes to identify violations of the defined policies.

Security baseline

Managing costs

Implement consistent labeling and tagging of resources so costs can be assigned to business units.

Create reports for incurred costs that can be filtered, this helps integrating management and finance experts and departments.

Assign budgets to teams to avoid overspending, regularly review budgets and check if they need to be updated.

Managing costs

Consistent resources

Define naming standards that fit your organization’s needs best to ensure consistent naming of all types of resources.

Consider restricting allowed resource locations (e.g. due to legal or security guidelines).

Implement policies (as code) to enforce all standards automatically without the need for manual monitoring.

Consistent resources

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