Cloud Infrastructure Hardening

Cloud Infrastructure Hardening


Running applications in the cloud requires an ecosystem of infrastructure components that need to be secured.

Implementing provider- and industry-specific security best practices will reduce possible risks to a minimum.

With our expertise, we will help you to eliminate the attack vectors on your resources.

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  • Cyber Security teams/departments
  • central (cloud) platform teams
  • cloud infrastructure teams
  • application development teams


  • architecting and securing networks in the cloud
  • harden application hosting infrastructure
  • restrict public access and exposure of components
  • implement policies (as code) to validate infrastructure


  • introduce IaC to create robust environments
  • control in- and outbound traffic from/to your apps
  • setup policies as code to enforce best practices
  • implement iterative processes

Network security

Create baseline by designing a good network topology in the cloud (e.g. separate environments network-wise).

Restricting and monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic to your resources as well as public internet access.

Securely connect your on-premises resources to your cloud environments, rely on private connectivity.

Network security

Application infrastructure security

Implement security controls for your virtual machines (e.g. private IP address only, firewall rules).

Setup secure Kubernetes clusters (e.g. private nodes, restrict traffic between pods, hardened node images).

Harden your databases in the cloud (e.g. handling and masking sensitive data, enforcing SSL/TLS).

Application infrastructure security

Infrastructure provisioning

Automate the provisioning by using Infrastructure-as-code tools for reproducible setups.

Develop and enforce policies as code to validate your resources against common standards and best practices.

Implement standard developer processes (reviewing and approving changes) into provisioning pipelines.

Infrastructure provisioning

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