Intune Foundation Training

Intune Foundation Training


This three-day training gives you an overview of the basic functions and features of Microsoft Intune.

Learn how to use the full potential of Intune, from registering new devices to implementing and provisioning applications, to optimize its use for your organization.

Let us accompany you on your journey to the modern workplace and enter a new era of device management.

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  • IT Administrators and technical-skilled employees
  • Customers who want to get a first impression
  • People interested in mobile device management


  • Simplify device management
  • Ensure compliance and control
  • Enhance IT efficiency
  • Modernize device provisioning
  • Streamline app deployment


  • Understand the Microsoft Intune approach
  • Basic knowledge in managing apps
  • Understand the Windows Autopilot process

Day 1

Module 1: Get started with Microsoft Intune and learn how to work with basic objects and configurations.

Module 2: Learn the principles of Intune device registration and how to enroll your devices.

Module 3: Have a first look at the Company Portal, the new end-user interface for all client-relevant tasks.

Day 1

Day 2

Module 4: Learn the essentials of Application Packaging in Microsoft Intune for efficient app deployment.

Module 5: Discover effective Application Management to control and monitor the entire application lifecycle.

Module 6: Get in touch with different Device Configuration Profiles and Compliance Policies.

Day 2

Day 3

Module 7: Unlock the potential of Windows Autopilot for seamless device deployment and user setup.

Module 8: Optimize your update strategy and vulnerability management with Windows Update for Business.

Get best-practice insights and feel free to ask our trainers the questions that interest you.

Day 3

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