PowerShell Foundational Skills

PowerShell Foundational Skills


Build the foundational skills to manage your infrastructure anywhere in this modular, customizable course!

Control your learning experience by selecting and ordering modules together with our experts.

This training includes lab scenarios hosted on either Hyper-V or Azure, so prepare to get involved!

Start-Automation -Now


  • Developers looking to broaden their ops horizon
  • Operators with a penchant for a little development
  • Anyone responsible for managing infrastructure


  • Understand and write scripts and functions
  • Manage infrastructure at an infinite scale
  • Lay the foundations for a platform engineer career


  • Understand core concepts and syntax of PowerShell
  • Automate administrative tasks with ease
  • Manage and manipulate arbitrary data

First Day

Module 1: Explore PowerShell history from Monad to PowerShell 7 and the tools of the trade.

Module 2: Learn about the basics of PowerShell, using its native command discovery and help system.

Module 3: Take the first steps in an object-oriented shell and explore PowerShell object models and Variables.

First Day

Second Day

Module 4: Deepen your knowledge of PowerShell with the pipeline basics - sorting and selecting objects.

Module 5: Learn everything about input, output, and data formatting that you could think of!

Module 6: Filter and process like a pro. You will also learn all about PowerShell operators.

Second Day

Third Day

Module 7: Donning the Developer hat: Enterprise-grade scripting with modules, signing, and galleries.

Module 8: Learn all about effectively collecting data in this module about arrays and lists.

Module 9: Level up your collection knowledge with hash tables and other eclectic dictionaries.

Third Day

Fourth Day

Module 10: Centralize management by learning about the remote management of your IaaS infrastructure!

Module 11: Achieving flow state - Learn to control your script flow with loops and branches!

Closing remarks with PowerShell best practice sharing, giving you time to address your own scripting tasks.

Fourth Day

Ready to automate your hybrid cloud with PowerShell?

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