Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management


A crucial part of securing any environment is granting the right access to the right people.

Roles within a company need to be reflected in the IAM setup of the organization’s cloud environments.

With our knowledge across the major cloud providers, we will establish a robust IAM setup together with you.

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  • Cyber Security teams/departments
  • IT audit teams/departments
  • Central cloud platform teams
  • Cloud infrastructure teams


  • Automated management of entities
  • Consistent IAM roles setup
  • Implement principle of least privilege
  • Elevated permissions are only granted temporarily


  • Set up resource hierarchy reflecting your org
  • Make use of temporary access controls
  • Define a process how to get elevated permissions
  • Implement logging and auditing of user activity

Implement resource hierarchy

A good resource hierarchy reflects your organization and clearly separates and identifies the business units.

Helps in assigning resources to the correct departments and defining the necessary permissions for daily tasks.

Bonus: improves identifying resource ownership as well as tracing and assigning costs.

Implement resource hierarchy

Managing IAM entities

Integrate your organization’s identity provider to automatically provision users in the cloud.

Grant permissions to groups instead of individuals to merge colleagues requiring the same set of permissions.

Utilize service accounts/users, create accounts for each use case instead of creating a one-fits-all account.

Managing IAM entities

Role/permission assignment

Implement principle of least privilege, everybody receives only the permissions required for daily tasks.

Consider disallowing a subset of too permissive predefined roles by default to avoid over granting access.

If elevated permissions are required in case of e.g. incidents, create an approach to request them temporarily.

Role/permission assignment

Let’s secure the access to your resources together!

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