Agile Platform Consulting

Agile Platform Consulting


Agile environments help to improve productivity, quality, and collaboration in your projects.

There is a vast variety of apps and frameworks, which makes choosing the right one challenging.

With our expertise in agile tools and processes on multiple platforms, we help creating your agile environment.

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  • Cyber Security teams
  • Central platform teams
  • Cloud architects
  • Infrastructure teams
  • Development teams
  • Management


  • Precise definition of the utilized set of tools
  • Improved agility through platform enhancements
  • Increased cooperation through modern solutions
  • Elevated efficiency and quality of work routines


  • Implement tools and processes for agile work
  • Training people to adapt the agile way of working
  • Review the existing tools and provide guidance
  • Assist with new tool-stack migrations

Evaluating tools

Review the tools, frameworks and platforms that are currently used in the agile environment setup.

Create a definition for the tools and frameworks that should be used to implement an agile environment.

Establish documentation and guidelines regarding the selected tools and frameworks and the decision made.

Evaluating tools

Tool-Stack migration

Prepare employees with dedicated trainings and hands-on workshops for working on the new platforms.

Create a migration plan to anticipate the impact on development and provide guidance for stakeholders.

Implement support and automation workflows to allow a frictionless switch and assist the teams.

Tool-Stack migration

Training agility

Produce custom tailored training sessions to ensure correct usage and understanding of the tools and agile concepts.

Create documentation and e-learning content for recalling the training content and to provide to new joiners.

Establish routines by providing guidance through initial agile and tooling experiences and explaining hands-on.

Training agility

Processes & quality

Analyze the current processes and team/enterprise culture to find overall quality improvement opportunities.

Improve and redesign the current processes to ensure the highest quality for the teams and products.

Implement the newly designed processes and train the employees to adapt to them easily and with best practices.

Processes & quality

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