Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering


Platform engineering teams are supposed to provide the cornerstone of successful software development.

Teams need deep understanding in building infrastructure platforms able to scale technically and process-wise.

Our experts we support you by defining the most crucial building blocks enabling your team.

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  • IT manager
  • central platform teams
  • (cloud) infrastructure teams
  • operations teams


  • strategic alignment
  • cost optimization
  • reliability and service
  • clear responsibilities
  • foster innovation
  • scalability


  • Clarify responsibilities
  • Defined roles for Teams
  • Review and adjust processes
  • Scalable infratructure
  • Maintainable IaC
  • Create strategic roadmap

Harmonize development workflows

Implement security and compliance automations based on collected company requirements and best practices.

Transfer and align application as well as team specific expectations or limitations for CI/CD processes.

Provide guidance for the development teams on infrastructure related issues and new features.

Harmonize development workflows

Establish a service offering

Create internal awareness for the responsibilities the platform team has across the development landscape.

Define SLOs and SLAs for internal offerings to package the service and create visibility within the company.

Create a plan for new features and optimization based on the declared platform service requirements.

Establish a service offering

Introduce central processes

Create central CI/CD workflows for security and compliance tests including code, image and secret scanning.

Establish standardized processes for onboarding new teams, migrating applications and disaster recovery.

Define a way of communication between product teams and the platform teams including escalation scenarios.

Introduce central processes

Establish state-of-the-art infrastructure

Design the fundamental architecture of the infrastructure landscape for the platform to thrive on.

Develop and provision the components through infrastructure as code tooling and automated workflows.

Empower your team to stay on top of the ever changing cloud offerings to take advantage of technology trends.

Establish state-of-the-art infrastructure

Let’s build the foundation to accelerate your software delivery

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