Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation


Private, hybrid and public cloud environments need a high degree of standardization and automation to scale.

Our experts can empower your organization with build and release pipelines for apps and infra alike.

Immutable infrastructure, versioning and infrastructure as code are not your forte? We can help.

Automate now!


  • Platform Engineering Teams
  • DevOps Teams
  • Operations Teams
  • Development Teams


  • Idempotent deployments
  • Scalable policy-driven infrastructure code
  • Reliable build validation
  • Versioned immutable infrastructure


  • Create automated tests for your infrastructure
  • Design a build and release process
  • Enable collaboration on policy-driven infrastructure
  • Ensure high scalability for your code

Pipelines and Testing

Leverage unit and integration test frameworks for applications as well as infrastructure deployments.

Release policy-driven infrastructure as well as applications in streamlined validation and release pipelines.

Build trust in a repeatable release process, thereby increasing IT resiliency and collaboration.

Pipelines and Testing

Release Management

Create immutable infrastructure with confidence and improve your platform engineering output.

Stay ahead of the game with versioned infrastructure builds, artifacts and release pipelines.

Publish, distribute and consume versioned build artifacts in shared, easily accessible galleries.

Release Management

Policy-driven infrastructure

We enable you to create and deploy scalable configurations using configuration data management.

Our experts empower you to create well-performing code and build processes for your infrastructure.

Level-up your collaboration with git and GitOps and let us help you develop inner source practices.

Policy-driven infrastructure

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